Adler M 100

Adler M100

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By 1949 the Allied restrictions had been lifted. Adler came out with a motorcycle sporting a rather conventional 98cc two stroke engine, known as the Adler M100.

The engine boasted the Schnurle Loop-scavenge. This machine also came with a three speed transmission, kick start pedal, and running boards.

The sales for the Adler M100 were not what could be called “lack luster”, nor was the public knocking down the doors to buy one of these. That honor went to NSU Fox, with it’s 98cc OHV four stroke engine and it’s cantilevered swing arm.

In order to compete, Adler was forced to enlarge their fleet. When the Frankfort Motorcycle Show opened in October 1951, the company had added three new models to their stable - the M125 (a bigger version of the 98cc with a braking HP of 5.5.

Now imagine, if you will…the M200,the first modern twin cylinder 2 stroke. In order to outdo the rest of the motorcycle builders and to enlarge the customer base, Friedrich and his engine man, Felix Dozekal designed a risky new engine - they were after all currently competing with the likes of DKW and others. Compared to the M100′s 121 pounds…the heavy weight champion of the Adler line weighed in at a hefty 297 pounds!

Dane techniczne:

Make Model
Adler M 100
1949 - 56
35 000 units
1 cylinder 2 stroke
98 cc / 6 cub in.
Bore x Stroke
50 x 50 mm
Air cooled
Petrol oil mix 25:1
Multi plate wet cable operated
Kick start
Single built into block
Exhaust System
Single steel and crome
Max Power
3 kW / 4.1 hp
Compression Ratio
1: 5.75
3 Speed gearbox
Final Drive
Double cradle steel frame
Front suspension
Leading link
Rear suspension
Twon shock plunger
Drum 125 mm
Length1900 mm / 74.8 in.Width 650 mm / 25.6 in.Height 865 mm / 34.1 in.
Dry Weight
55 kg / 121 lbs
Fuel Capacity
7 L / 1.8 US gal
Top Speed
70 km/h / 43.5 mph
Black with gold striping / Red with gold striping