VOR EN 400

VOR EN 400

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Rider Review

PowerVery smooth! I have never had such a "mellow" motor, yet eventhough it feels somewhat mellow, its actually as fast as aunplugged wr400! The motor is a longrod design, and this playsin part with the general smootheness as well as the porting.Either way, this is a great motor that makes great power.SuspensionAlso very good. It seems to be a little harsh on small things.This could be tuned as I am only 150lbs and it is most likelyset a bit stiffer as the owner (who is around 200) is heavier.The forks are Paoli, and they are very good. The rear shock is aOhlins, and is also very good. Overall good suspension on thismachine.BrakesQuite good, plenty of stopping power. The Honda's probably havebetter brakes, but these are still very good.CommentsI am really impressed with this bike. It has all kinds of neatfeatures (foward kickstarter, left side drive) that make thebike really stand out. I would say you could take this bikestock and be able to run well in a harescramble or Xc type race.Also has many well known brands of parts (Öhlins). If you havethe $7500 to spend, its definently worth it.

Dane techniczne:

Make Model
VOR EN 400
Four stroke singlecylinder. 4 valves per cylinder.
399 cc / 24.3 cu in
Bore x Stroke
92 x 60.1 mm
Cooling System
Liquid cooled
5 Speed
Final Drive
Perimetral frame CrMo Ovalcross-section spars aluminium rear frame
Front Suspension
Progressive system upside down fork Paioli Kayaba 46 mm
Front Wheel Travel
295 mm / 11.6"
Rear Suspension
Single progressive hydraulic Öhlinsshock absorber low-highspeed adjustable preload extension andcompression
Rear Wheel Travel
315 mm / 12.4"
Front Brakes
Single 270mm disc 2 pistoncaliper
Rear Brakes
Single 220mm disc 1 pistoncaliper
Front Tyre
90/90 -21
Rear Tyre
1485 mm / 58.5"
Ground Clearance
370 mm / 14.6"
Seat Height
930 mm / 36.6"
Dry Weight
109.5 kg / 241 lbs
118 kg / 260 lbs
Fuel Capacity
9 L / 2.4 US gal